This Holiday season was an Awesome display of Giving by area Schools

The 2016 Holiday season produced much needed assistance for Serving Our Kids by local elementary and middle school students donating food for their needy peers.  This year saw, Canarelli middle school and Ulis Newton and James Gibson elementary schools involved in amazing food drives to support SOK!

Serving Our Kids is grateful when students realize the need in their school district and make a call to action to do something to assist.  These three schools along with 8 other area schools (Glen Taylor, Elise Wolff, Frank Lamping, Shirley & Bill Wallin and the 4 Pinecrest Academy campuses <St. Rose, Inspirada, Cadence & Boulder>) made this season a success and helped to make the task easier and able to serve.  Thank you, to these students, for caring!!!  Almost, $70,000.00 in food donations during the 2016 Holiday season made this a joyous year.   Thank you, to everyone who gave!



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