Pierce Brooks Birthday Party for SOK

Pierce Brooks had an unusual request for his birthday, his mom, Brandy, thought.  He wanted to do something to help kids, so Brandy got on the internet and found Serving Our Kids Foundation, she called and we were thrilled to hear about his request.  When we found out what he wanted to do and that his birthday was on April 27, we immediately put a plan together to accommodate his 7th Birthday.  We would bag extra bags, have his group bag early, then the employees from EZ Pawn, who were scheduled to bag, could complete while Pierce, and his guests, enjoyed cake and ice cream.

Brandy said there would be between 20 – 50 people, when it went wild on facebook, and over 60 people showed up.  Pierce, asked his guests, to bring food for the kids, instead of gifts for him.  Pierce, thank you, so much for thinking of others at this amazing age.

Serving Our Kids concept of Kids Helping Kids has grown over the years, and we are proud of the fact, we teach kids to give back to their less fortunate peers.  Pierce Brooks, 7th Birthday Party, will always be a part of our journey and a beautiful story to share.
Thank you Pierce, for being so kind and sharing this with us.


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