Serving our Kids Foundation

Mission statement:

Serving our Kids Foundation is dedicated to feeding and serving the needs of  Clark County Homeless and at-risk children.  The foundation will rely on community organizations and volunteers to make this possible.


Serving our Kids Foundation is a grassroots, volunteer organization established to utilize the strength of community volunteers and donations to ensure Clark County youth are fed for the weekends.  We will provide personal care items to area youth as well.

Contact Information:

Mailing address:   360 E. Horizon Dr.  Henderson, NV 89015
Warehouse address:  671 Professional Ave.  Suite 518  Henderson, NV 89015
Telephone: 702-358-1056
Email us through our contact page
Executive Director:  Dale Darcas  702-358-1056

Spread the Word

Volunteers play an integral role in every area of our organization.  As a charity, we are 100% volunteer based.  With the great need we face, our partnerships with community organizations and businesses are vital!

There are many opportunities available for both individuals and groups.  We work with anyone who wishes to volunteer, at any age, including children.  Anyone with any skill level wishing to assist.

We feed about 2,250 children in 43 schools from grades K-8 on a weekly basis, with the process being hands-on and involves several steps. Volunteers may choose to be involved in whatever ways they wish.

Prep TimePrep time Wednesday involves preparing each food station for bagging assembly. Volunteers assisting in this step will gather the inventory from the shelves and count and sort food items in plastic crates for bagging.

Our warehouse environment is casual, and our volunteers working together get a deep sense of personal accomplishment. Volunteers may be required to do some lifting, bending, walking and counting.

Bagging AssemblyOur bagging assembly takes place Thursday evenings at 6:00 and involves volunteers working together in an assembly line to fill the bags for Friday delivery. This is a fun, team-building environment. 

Often times businesses and groups choose this part as a volunteer option with our organization to reach their community service goals.

Delivery DayDelivery day is almost always on a Friday!  Volunteers have the opportunity to hand-deliver the weekend bags to the kids at the schools.  Some schools allow for direct interaction with the children under the supervision of the school counselor, while some schools have other options. 

Volunteers can choose to deliver under whichever option they prefer. All schools are within a few miles of our warehouse location. Volunteers always find it satisfying to be a part of this aspect of our organization. 

Volunteer drivers are required to have a valid Nevada drivers license, be able to do some light lifting, and have reliable transportation.  Gas costs are absorbed by volunteer drivers.

Becoming a volunteer is easy!  Simply download and submit a volunteer application, and your name will be added to our Active Volunteer Database (AVD).  We keep our volunteers informed of various opportunities and upcoming events via email, Facebook and our on-line newsletter.


Hold a Serving Our Kids Food Drive

If you are unable to coordinate your schedule to be involved in the activities listed for volunteering, you may wish to coordinate a Kids Friendly Food Drive.

Organizing a Kids Friendly Food Drive is easier than you think!  Serving our Kids Foundation staff will work with you to ensure a fun, successful drive.

We will provide you with the necessary materials to get you started, including a food list, our logo, and boxes to collect the food.  Listed below are a few tips to get started.  Food drives can be organized through almost any venue, including businesses, faith-based groups, and community organizations, etc.

Set a Goal  –  It is helpful to set a goal so everyone works together towards the same goal.  A great sense of accomplishment is felt when the goal is met and/or surpassed.

Set dates and deadlines  –  From past experience, we have found that to have a specific time frame works best, with a start and end date. This helps fulfill individual goals and keeps people from procrastinating.

Have a central collection location  –  This will eliminate any confusion about how and where to donate.

Make it a competition  –  Everyone loves to compete!  Challenge each other in your group to exceed your goal and it will always be the kids that WIN!!!

Make the food list accessible  –  We have a very specific food list for our program.  There are 10 different items on our list, so it is extremely important that everyone sticks to the list.  Due to different allergies, we ask that you avoid purchasing items with peanut butter or peanuts in them.

Communicate the need  –  It is helpful to make sure everyone is informed about why we do what we do.  This will keep the momentum going.  If you ever need more information about our foundation, just let us know.